Bagatelka is a perfect place for weddings, communions, family reunions and corporate events.
One of the biggest advantages of Bagatelka hotel-recreation centre is proximity of pure forrests and almost 5 hectars of lush green. Thanks to that this unique place, it becomes synonym of rest and calmness.

We can customize the menu to your preferences. Our involved and dedicated staff will make every party successful. Preparations are preceded by individual interview which allows us to meet your requirements and create shared vision of memorable ceremony.

for our guests we offer:
- wigwam for about 50 guests
- lnien room (restaurant) for about 30 guests
- large room for about 80 guests
- ballroom for about 250 guests
- terrace for about 150 guests

Anna Głowacka tel. 605 300 900
Jakub Jankowiak tel. 511 952 250
e-mail: biuro@bagatelka.info